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In A Nutshell

Argos is a limited retailer company (Argos Ltd) in the UK that is trading as Argos. What makes this company slightly different from other companies like Primark, ASOS etc. is that it a Catalog retailer. Unlike other self-serve stores, when you walk into Argos, you will not see their items displayed on the shelves.

As a customer, when you walk into an Argos store near you, the option you have is to flip through their big volume catalogues to select your item. Obviously, with the advent of technology, they have equipped all their stores with electronic catalogues, kids love this so much!

But who owns Argos? Sainsbury owns Argos, this too is a UK company, and as of the time of this review, it is the second-largest chain of supermarket in the UK. Argos sells its huge list of items both online and through their physical store located all over the cities of the UK. The company was established in 1972 and was named after a Greek city called Argos, with almost the same opening times.

Argos Top Products


Argos PS4 and Consoles

Gaming consoles are perfect gifts for yourself, family, and friends. You can enjoy hours of gaming and other services on your console. Are you considering getting a gaming console?

Maybe you want to buy one as a gift for a friend or a family member. Perhaps you have an old console and are considering purchasing a new model.

If you are looking to buy a console, you can find a variety of them on out there. If you are a fan of Sony Playstation, you can get the latest released PS4 on Argos, just walk in or go online and select the boundle you like. They also sell PS3s if you want the older and cheaper version of the console.

Standard PS4 Features

  • Built-in Blu-ray disc drive.
  • Hard-disc 
  • 1 wireless controller
  • AC power cord. – AC adaptor.
  • Dual Shock4 Wireless Controller
  • Size H32.7, W29.5, D5.5cm.
  • EAN: 711719324706.

Argos Phones & Headphones

Are you looking out for the latest smartphones and gadgets? Maybe you are planning to buy a phone. Maybe you need a replacement for a broken smartphone. Or perhaps you need a more reliable phone that suits your needs.

Searching for the best smartphone can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. At Argos, you can find different types of phones that suit your style.

Argos offers Sim free phones and Pay as you go phones. You can find various models of cell phones from different brands, such as Huawei, Motorola, Google, Honor, and Alcatel.

Aside from phones, you can also find accessories for your phones. Headphones, chargers, portable power banks, and phone cases are some of the accessories that you can find on their catalogue.

They also sell smartwatches, USB storages, and sim cards. It’s a good place to get phones if you want to buy them as a set, complete with accessories.

Argos Laptops & PCs

Laptops are great computers because of their portability. With laptops, you can work and play anytime and anywhere. You might have considered getting a laptop.

At Argos, you can find a selection of laptops and netbooks. You can find various laptops from reliable brands such as Asus, HP, and Apple. You can choose the best laptop that suits your needs. Some of the laptops also come with a handy laptop bag.

Aside from laptops, you can also find desktop computers. It’s a perfect choice when portability is not your concern. They are perfect for gaming and work. What kind of PCs can you find on Argos?

Argos offers whole computer packages and system units with various specs to suit your budget and needs. You can find different computers from various top brands. You can find PCs from HP, Acer, Lenovo, and Asus. For hardcore gamers, you can find Corsair, Cyberpower, and Stormforce.

Argos Household Items

Are you looking for some household items? Maybe you moved to a new home and in need of some household items. Or perhaps you need to get replacements for old ones for your current home.

Maybe you are looking for home furnishings for your interior decoration. Or perhaps you want household appliances for your kitchen, living room, or bedrooms.

Whatever you are looking for, you can find them on Argos. Various home furnishings, such as rugs, radiator covers, clocks, and cushions, are available on their catalogue.

These items can help you design your home without doing any major decorations. They can instantly add personality and style to your home.

Household appliances, from small to large, are also available in Argos shops. You can find kitchen countertop appliances such as microwaves and coffee machines. You can also find larger appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. They also sell cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners.

Argos Smart TV 

Smart TV is the centrepiece of any living room. They are a great addition to any living room. Maybe you are considering getting a Smart TV for you and your family to enjoy.

Or perhaps you already have a Smart TV but want something bigger and better. Look no further; you can find Smart TVs on Argos.

You can find the perfect Smart TV for your needs. There are moderately sized Smart TVs and Bigger TVs for your Home Cinema.

You can find Smart TVs in Argos as big as 82 inches wide. Resolutions of the Smart TVs they offer ranges from HD ready to 4k Ultra HD. They sell Smart TV from brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic.

Aside from Smart TVs, they also have digital boxes and TV recorders. You can also find various speakers, such as Bluetooth Speakers and Smart Speakers. Argos is worth visiting, especially if you are planning to set-up a home theatre.