Bucket Hats For Men and Women

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Different Types of Bucket Hats Review

The bucket hat is a popular type of hats characterised by their wide and downward sloping brims. The bucket hat originated from Irish fishermen and farmers. They use these hats to protect themselves from the rain. It is also very easy to carry. It is easy to fold and easy to put in your pockets. 

Its popularity rose during the 1960s. By that time, the bucket hats are not only for practical use but also regarded by many as fashion items. It was also used by many rappers during the 80s period. Unfortunately, bucket hats’ popularity didn’t live very well after that. But now, bucket hats are coming back. In 2018, designers released different bucket hats. Celebrities also started wearing them. Currently, bucket hats are still in fashion. Additionally, people still buy them for weather protection.

There are different types of bucket hats. If you want to buy one, it’s best to choose the right one for you. Here are some of them. 

Classic Bucket Hats

These bucket hats are your typical hats. They come in different colours and shades. They are often made out of heavy-duty cotton fabric like canvas or denim. Some hat makers use heavy wool, like tweed. People usually buy them as a fashion item instead of their practical uses. Major fashion brands sell these types of bucket hats.

If you want to buy a stylish bucket hat, you want a classic one. It’s perfect for any casual occasion. 

Reversible Bucket Hats

Reversible Bucket Hat

Aside from typical bucket hats, you also have the reversible ones. Hat makers use two different patterns or colours on a single hat. The designs are often colourful on one side and plain on the other. The advantage of this hat is that you can have two different styles for the price of one. 

Like classic bucket hats, people often buy these for fashion purposes. If you want something stylish, you may want to buy this type of bucket hat. 

Bucket Hats for Women

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Men and women can use bucket hats. However, some bucket hats are specially designed for women. These types are usually made with lighter materials. They are also commonly used as fashion items. They also come in different colours and patterns. 

Boonie Hats

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Boonie hats are very similar to bucket hats. Some may even say that they are a type of bucket hats. Boonie hats are made with similar materials. It also looks the same as bucket hats. The only difference is that they have a stiffer brim. It makes the hat more durable and offers more protection from the harsh weather. The military often uses these types of hats in hot countries. It usually has a camouflage design.

Despite originating from the military, many ordinary people still use Boonie hats. If you want a camo design, this is the perfect type of bucket hat to buy. It is also perfect for outside activities, like camping. 

Chin Strap Bucket Hats

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Some bucket hats come with chin straps and ties. The chin straps come in different colours and designs. The straps help the wearer to secure the hat. It is often used for its functionality. It is also commonly used during the summer season. However, some chin strap bucket hats have colourful straps and ribbons. These are often marketed as fashion accessories instead.

Removable Brims with Flaps

Most of the bucket hats have irremovable brims. However, there are bucket hats with removable ones. Some even have a removable face and neck flaps. These are perfect for people staying outdoors for an extended period. Fishermen, campers, and mountaineers will find this type of hat very useful.

If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, this is the perfect bucket hat type for you. It’s not only fashionable but also very useful as well.

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