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Don’t Throw Your Unwanted Clothings Away – We’ll Pay You To Collect Them As Long As They Are In A Reusable Condition

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£5 / 10kg + Cash At The Spot

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Collection Service

We are committed to making sure you save money. That’s is why we offer door to door collection service. This way, we save the hassle of travelling to a deop off centre and the money for fuel. 

We recommend you make sure your unwanted clothes meet our requirements. We will not collect clothings that do not meet our guidelines. We’ll not waist your time , please don’t waist ours.


Unwanted Clothings Need To Meet These Requirements

All clothes must be in a wearable condition. All items must be dry and clean. Feel free to discuss this with use before booking an appointment for cloth collection.


Items We Accept

  • Clean Clothes (£0.60 per kilo)
  • Paired Shoes (£0.50 per kilo)
  • Paired Trainers
  • Handbags & Purses, Including Travelling Bags
  • Men & Women Suites
  • Children Clothes / Babies Clothes
  • Usable Toys(selected toys) £0.20 per kilo

We Don't Accept

  • School Uniform With Logo
  • Torn Clothes (broken zips or stitching)
  • Socks & Underwar or Wet Clothes
  • Work Clothes With Logo
  • Damp Clothes
  • Duvets, Pillows, blankets & heavy curtains
  • Carpets, rugs, bath mats
our Cloth Recycling service
With our cash 4 clothes recycling service we aim at primarily to recycle unwanted clothing and other items. After paying for your unwanted clothes, we sort them and export them to third world countries where they would be useful for others.
Through this our service, we help the UK landfills to be free from textile waste. On the other part of the world, the clothings are used for many years before they are rightly disposed.

How You Can Help

Look around your house, do you have old clothes you that not useful to you? Request a collection now!

Cash Your Unwanted Clothes - Free Collection

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