Tesco UK Review & Products

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From Item Types To TESCO Shop Locations

In A Nutshell

Tesco is a multi-million British retailer offering groceries and general merchandise. It’s the world’s third-largest retail in terms of gross revenue, and the ninth-largest when it comes to revenue. Currently, you can find Tesco shops in seven countries, from Asia to Europe. No wonder it is one of the most well-known chains of supermarkets in the UK. 

Aside from groceries and general merchandise, Tesco also offers a wide variety of clothes. While they retail clothing from different brands, they do have their partner shop, F&F. If you’re looking for kids wear, men clothing, or women’s dresses, it’s worth looking at Tesco. Not only do they offer a wide variety of clothing, but they also sell them at affordable and quality items

Some TESCO Products Types


Tesco Baby Clothes

Tesco baby clothes

Looking for baby clothes is not easy. Every parent wants the best of their babies. You can find a selection of quality baby clothing for an affordable price.

You can find jumpers, pants, tops, and hats. Depending on the store, they can offer different brands. Baby clothing they may offer is for babies under 4-6lbs.

You may still find clothing under or over that size, although not as common as 4-6lbs sizes. As for the price, you’ll have to go to their physical stores to find more information.

But you can be sure of one thing; they have affordable but quality baby clothes available.



In Tesco, you can buy jackets both for Men and Women. You can choose from different styles.

You can find denim jackets, casual jackets, parkas, and hoodies. You can also get your formal wear in Tesco, such as blazers.

For men, you can also find both casual and formal wear. Alongside suits, coats, and jackets, they also sell accessories.

They have ties, suspenders, belts, and suspenders. As for price, they offer affordability without sacrificing quality. 

Tesco Girls’ Clothes

coast dress

Are you looking for girls’ clothing? You can find some at Tesco. They have skirts, pants, jackets, tops, and blouses.

Aside from casual wear, they also sell formal wear for events. You can also find costumes for parties, which are usually inspired by different characters.

The clothing that offers varies in style, including prints and plains. They also sell clothing based on the trends and seasons.

As for the price of their items, it is similar to other retail stores.

Tesco Women’s Clothes

Women Classic

Tesco is also a good place to buy women’s clothing. You can find various tops and pants in their shops.

They also sell workwear and sportswear and swimsuits. They also have intimate wear and accessories. As long as you have the patience to go through their shops, you’ll surely get something that you’ll really like.

Like the other clothing categories, their women’s clothing is both good in quality and affordable. It’s definitely worth taking a look.

Tesco Boys’ Clothes

boys clothes

Aside from girls’ clothing, you can also do your boys’ cloth shopping at Tesco. They sell different tops and pants, whether printed or plain.

They also have different themes of clothing depending on the season, such as summer wear and winter wear.

You can also find a good deal of formal wear such as boys’ waistcoats, ties, and shirts.

Together with the clothes, you can also find a wide variety of accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and scarves. You’ll be sure that you can find a good deal in their shops.

Tesco Online Clothes

all clothes

Before, you could buy clothes in Tesco Direct. But ever since it was closed, you can no longer buy some items online. Aside from groceries, they only sell a few select items.

However, if you want to buy clothing from Tesco, you can still get them from their partner shop, F&F. Like Tesco, they offer quality products for an affordable price.

They have clothing for babies, kids, and adults. However, their selection is rather limited compared to the actual Tesco stores.

If you want other brands, you can still go visit Telco supermarkets and find them there.